Southern California agencies partner to bank water for future droughts

Groundwater agencies in Fresno invest 600 acres for recharge

In the short span of two years, Kings Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in California’s Central Valley have invested in 600 acres of prime groundwater recharge land.

This land represents 15 dedicated basins that are constructed or in development.

There are thousands of landowners and many communities that overlie the Kings Subbasin that are dependent on the subbasin’s groundwater supply. The Kings Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) serve growers, cities, communities, and businesses by swiftly implementing groundwater strategies that support the future viability of the region.

Local water managers have taken the long view as they invest in water storage infrastructure now with the goal to sustain the groundwater supply shared by all within the Kings Subbasin region. See how Kings Subbasin GSAs have collaborated to prepare for drought resiliency, watch video here.

This additional water infrastructure is anticipated to provide over 15,000 acre feet of recharge per year on average, directly benefitting groundwater levels for communities and ag lands in the Kings Subbasin region. (An acre foot equals 325,900 gallons, or enough water to cover a football field to a depth of one foot.)

Groundwater recharge is the pinnacle supply-side strategy to reduce groundwater overdraft impacts in compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, a State law requiring better management and balance of groundwater supplies in a groundwater subbasin. Since the Kings Subbasin submitted seven Groundwater Sustainability Plans in January 2020, there has been a driven effort to successfully build groundwater recharge capacity to support Kings Subbasin sustainability goals.

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