Monte Vista provides water bottle refill stations to schools

Wayfinder Family Services receives water bottle fill stations

California American Water and EchoTech Services, Inc. teamed up to install seven water bottle fill stations at Wayfinder Family Services’ main campus in Los Angeles. With more than 150 staff members, residents and students on the campus, the filling stations will not only help to reduce the amount of single use plastics, but will also provide clean water in a safe, touchless way.

“We are so grateful to California American Water for their support of this important initiative at our main campus,” said Jay Allen, Wayfinder’s President, and Chief Operating Officer. “Access to clean, filtered water for our residents, families and staff will not only contribute to health and wellness, but also reinforces our community’s commitment to going green.”

California American Water is proud to partner with Wayfinder on this water bottle filling station initiative which is part of the company’s overall conservation outreach program. Drinking enough water plays an important role in a child’s overall health, and when water bottle filling stations are installed on campuses, students nearly triple how much water they drink throughout the day.

“We hope the students, families and staff will embrace the refillable water bottle stations and inspire positive behavioral changes that promote water conservation,” said Patrick Pilz, California American Water’s Senior Manager of Field Operations. “It is a pleasure partnering with Wayfinder and we appreciate their support in helping us inspire change in water usage behavior that promotes our local supply and protects our watershed from plastic bottles.”

All the hydration stations were installed in high-traffic areas to ensure maximum exposure and encourage users to refill personal, eco-friendly water bottles to reduce plastic waste.

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