Eastern Municipal reminding customers to check unclaimed monies list

Current and former customers of Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) may be entitled to unclaimed money. Each year, EMWD posts a list of unclaimed monies, which are typically refunds associated with the closing of water accounts, water efficiency rebates or other fees.

EMWD attempts to locate the current address and contact these customers and developers, but those efforts are sometimes unsuccessful due to the lack of a forwarding address, companies closing, or other reasons. In addition, EMWD performs a search of its customer database to see if the customer has a current active account where the unclaimed money can be applied.

State laws require these unclaimed funds be published in a local newspaper of record. After three years, any remaining unclaimed money may be transferred to EMWD’s general fund. EMWD goes beyond the public notice requirement by posting the complete current listing of unclaimed monies on its website and continuously updates it throughout the year.

To view a listing of unclaimed monies, please log on to www.emwd.org/unclaimed-monies. Customers may complete and submit the form online to file a claim for funds published on EMWD’s website.

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