Environmentalists propose new water bond
Environmentalists propose new water bond

Environmentalists propose new water bond

As the California drought continues to be an issue across the western United States, everyone on both sides of the political aisle are wondering how to address the problem. Environmentalists in California believe they have the answer: a newly proposed water bond.

The proposed bond doesn’t have an exact amount at this time, but authors of the proposal say it will be less than $5 million.

Those who back the measure say Proposition 1 was underfunded.

Assuming supporters can receive enough signatures, the water bond would be put on the 2016 ballot for voters to decide on. Because 2016 is a presidential election year, voter turnout is expected to be high.

“We believe the voters understand the very serious nature of the drought and would be willing to invest in a water bond that produces actual water to help meet the needs,” Jerry Meral, director of the California water program at the Natural Heritage Institute told Reuters.

Over the past number of decades, voters have approved 20 water bonds. Throughout California history, only one water bond was not approved.

If passed, this funding from the new water bond would be used for rainfall capture, water recycling facilities and desalination projects.

Lois Wolk, the state senator who was a key proponent of Proposition 1, says water bonds alone aren’t going to solve the problem.

“California needs to take a hard look at these growing, ongoing needs and have the difficult conversation about how to meet those needs and fund them now and in the future,” Wolk told Reuters.

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