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Shock Top partners with Indiegogo to solve California drought

Shock Top Helps Fight California Drought

Shock Top, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch, is now partnering with the crowd-funding site Indiegogo to help respond to the California drought.  The program, known as Shock the Drought, is a program that will identify, fund and distribute water-saving innovations that could make a real impact on reducing water usage in the …

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“Turf and Toilet” rebate program launched statewide

California Launches “Turf and Toilet” Program

On Wednesday, the California Department of Water Resources announced their new $30 million rebate program, known as “turf and toilet.” The program is aimed at helping Californians reach Governor Jerry Brown’s targeted water cutbacks via water conservation. Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond approved by voters in 2014, will …

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Shade balls: the future of water protection

Shade Balls Help California Drought

To help save water during the historic California drought, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power released a total of 96 million shade balls into the 174-acre Los Angeles Reservoir. The final 20,000 shade balls were dropped on Monday, marking the completion of a $34.5 million initiative to protect …

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Metropolitan Water District turf rebate program closed

California Drought Increases Turf Sales

As of last Friday, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has permanently closed its turf rebate program due to lack of funds. The district’s $450 million conservation program is the largest in the nation, which was designed to provide rebates to homeowners who decided to replace their lawns with …

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Some water districts miss the mark on conservation

California Water Meters as Result of Drought

Statistics regarding summer water use were released by the State Water Resources Control Board in late July, revealing that urban water use is down by 27%. Despite this, 16 local districts have failed to meet the conservation goals set for them by state officials – a shortcoming that could result …

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