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State surpasses Governor’s goal in water conservation

Governor Brown Makes Water Mandates for Drought

According to water conservation numbers released by the State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday, throughout the month of June, Californians reduced their water use by 27.3 percent, despite the heat and humidity. “Californians understand the severity of the drought and they are taking action, as shown by the numbers …

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San Diegans eligible for rain barrel reimbursement

California Water News.001

The City of San Diego Public Utilities Department is offering rebates for homeowners who install rain barrels to capture rainwater. In order to qualify for the rebate program, residents must: · Have purchased rain barrel after January 1, 2012. · Fill out the Rain Barrel Rebate Application. · Take before and after pictures, …

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MWD lawn removal program out of funding

Water District Runs Out of Turf Removal Money

As the California drought worsens, homeowners throughout Southern California have taken drastic measures to conserve water and save money. Water agencies, like Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, was offering rebates for homeowners who ripped out their lawns and replaced it with drought-tolerant plants and turf. The program was so …

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Cal Poly Pomona named biggest water user in CSU system

Cal Poly Pomona California Huge Water User

The severe California drought has caused mandatory water restrictions across the state, especially for homeowners. An interesting factor frequently left out of the debate is the colleges and universities that reside in the state. Out of all of the entire Cal State University system, Cal Poly Pomona uses the most …

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5 ways to save water during the California drought

California Water Conservation Efforts

Even though the severe California drought has many looking for new ways of conserving water – like replacing outdoor lawns with drought-resistant turf – some homeowners want to keep their lush, green lawn. These tips are for you. 1. Water at appropriate times. The best times to water your lawn …

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