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Fresno takes hard stance on water conservation

Fresno Water Conservation Kicks Into High Gear

The City of Fresno has taken huge steps in reducing its water waste. The California drought became all too real for Fresno residents when reservoir water levels became dangerously low. To help combat the issue, many in the area cut back on how often and when they water their lawns. …

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Homeowners seeking new ways of curbing water usage

California Home Owners Save Water in Drought Times

The California drought has caused many homeowners to begin looking at new ways of conserving water. In Southern California, the most noticeable change can be seen in landscaping. Californians are taking Governor Jerry Brown’s advice and removing their lawns. The Metropolitan Water District, wholesale provider to 26 agencies across Southern …

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Could potable reuse be a possibility in California?

Wastewater Reviewed to Help California Drought

With the California drought at its peak, water gurus are beginning to discuss the possibility of potable reuse to help aid the state’s water crisis. Potable reuse is recycled water, where sewage water is treated and purified so it can be utilized as drinking water. Other cities and states that …

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